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Angela Stewart
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Versatile artist with extensive background in performing and teaching. I am most interested in the development of young voices and the building of musical expertise in the college age student. My area of expertise range from classical vocal art music, vocal pedagogy and the ramifications of movement and how it relates to music making and performance practices. I am a responsible artist with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 9 years of teaching experience.

              My extensive on-stage experience and my theoretical knowledge of music are vital assets in teaching a younger generation.

              I want to empower the students to have the confidence in working with me, by giving them the skills, resources, authority, opportunity, motivation that they need to be successful.

        To improve vocal production student needs to focus in Breath control, range quality of sound and freedom while singing. I help the students to develop artistic expression through a variety of styles of repertoire, become familiar with foreign languages, and examine vocal music critically. As hi/her voice teacher, I desire to cultivate an open mind, to honor composer’s intentions, to demonstrate personal responsibility for individual learning, develop patience, prudence, humility and sensitive, effective communication skills.

        While I was a professor at the Academy Music Cluj, I also performed as a soloist with, and as a member of the Cluj Philharmonic Choir. Performed a variety of music with a broad stylistic range and improvisatorial flexibility. Performed in front of live audience on television and as part of theater productions

        My teaching style is generally very technically based. I strongly believe that my students need to know exactly why are we doing certain exercises; how the exercise is affecting the voice, what physical action is occurring in the larynx what the result “should” be.

Heather Duquain
Price: $36.00
Hello! My name is Heather Duquaine. I am passionate about music and aim to ignite that passion in others! My piano and voice lessons primarily focus on the fundamentals while implementing a fun, tailored approach to each student’s personal goals and musical interests. I am eager to begin our musical journey together! Prior to teaching at U.S. Music Lessons, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education and taught for 15 years in the Midwest--every grade level and subject from Preschool through 8th grade. During that time, I accompained/directed various choirs as well as taught piano lessons. I have been blessed to be a part of the U.S. Music Lessons’ family for the past 2 ½ years. Currently, I enjoy playing piano/organ at my church as well as directing/accompanying the choir. In addition, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two teenagers.
Kimberly J. Uecker
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I have a lifelong passion for teaching student’s music and voice, and I am thrilled to help them discover and cultivate their natural talents to achieve their goals.  As a musician and singer, my focus is to make learning music fun, accessible to all, help develop and encourage student’s passions for musical expression and drive students to develop the technical skills for success. I am skilled at teaching and preparing students for both auditions and performances in all genres of music with specialization in musical theater, movement, ensembles, choirs, private bands, solo work and recordings. I teach all my students proper song selection for their voice, correct vocal warm up training for their voice, exercises, stretching, and vocal care and teach musical theory. I specialize in musical theater training; singing and movement audition techniques and strive to build student’s work ethic, stage confidence, and their repertoire of performance songs.  

 I have over 25 years of singing and performance experience in theater, competitive choirs and bands. I have also played woodwind instruments such as the flute in groups in the SDSU marching band, SDSU Wind Symphony, and various SDSU and local Chamber Choral ensembles. My theatre experience credits include performances in The Gypsy King (with the San Diego Light Opera), The King and I (at Starlight), productions at Moonlight (at the Welk Resort), CYT, both the SDSU theater and the opera, The Sound of Music (at the Poway Center of Performing Arts) to name a few, and more. I also participate in professional competitive vocal ensembles and love to serve and sing in private church performance choirs. I am a graduate of San Diego States Department of Theater and Dance with a degree in Musical Theater with an emphasis in music. I pursued an additional degree in Psychology to work with children and will start a Masters in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Theater and Music in 2020.  I have extensive experience in behavioral therapy and working with the special needs population. When not teaching music, I can be found teaching special needs students at TERI Inc. as a lead instructor in equine therapy. I am currently accepting students for voice training, movement, musical theater, and kid’s music fun classes. I look forward to helping your students learn to love music, build their self-confidence and help them find and achieve their goals. I look forward to teaching you!

Meera Sinha
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Meera Sinha is a songwriter, vocalist, and board-certified music therapist from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Her passion for supporting others and using music as a catalyst for positive social change led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Music Therapy and Psychology at Berklee College of Music. During her education at Berklee, Meera worked with accomplished artists such as: Peter Eldridge, Paula Cole, Sarah Kervin, and many other esteemed vocalists, songwriters, and producers. At US Music Lessons, Meera teaches beginner piano, guitar, and ukulele lessons, as well as beginner through advanced voice lessons. These engaging music lessons are offered at 30, 45, and 60 minutes. As an educator, Meera takes a holistic approach to voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele, in order to provide her students with the best possible support in learning new skills.

Mona Rosoga
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Born and raised in Romania in a family of musicians, Mona knew from an early age that she was destined to become an accomplished musician herself. As a child she took private voice lessons from age 7 and guitar lessons followed . Later she attended the “University of Arts and Music” in Craiova, her native town. Her desire to become a rock star since age 5 started to materialize later when she started playing guitar and singing with Rock bands in Bucharest, Romania. She has won numerous International Singing Awards in Europe in countries like Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania as well as the famous Eurovision Festival. She was also a TV celebrity in Romania , performing in numerous TV music shows and writing her own songs. After moving to the US she wanted to share her musical knowledge with others by teaching voice, guitar and ukulele. In 2017, Mona became part of US Music Lessons where she is currently teaching voice, guitar and ukulele.

Sarah Hancock
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Sarah grew up playing classical piano, and studied music at Mira Costa College, where she studied both classical and jazz music.  She later on received a Business Masters degree from Southern California University.  Sarah has been teaching at US music Lessons for seven years. She teaches piano and voice students ranging from 6 years to adults, and enjoys teaching various musical styles, including popular, classical, and Broadway tunes, as well as music theory. She is also a songwriter, and has lead various rock bands and group vocal lessons.

Sarah Wilkerson
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Miss Sarah is a virtual/local piano and voice coach, and has been teaching for 7 years. She’s been singing for 25 years, playing piano for 13 years, and composing/songwriting for 11 years. Miss Sarah specializes in creative perspective and intuitive teaching, she teaches lessons to students who are interested in enhancing their passions and developing their skills. Some of the genres she is fond of are opera, classical, rock, jazz, pop, folk, blues and country. Experienced in teaching ages 4-74, Sarah is a patient and understanding person with great communication and is always proactive on what needs to be done for her students. “Encouraging our curious mind helps us build our natural inner-gifts." -Miss

Sophia Alone
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Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Teacher

Sophia starts her shows and YouTube videos from behind a curtain and asks the audience "Do you want to know what a Modern American Muslim Woman looks like?" then, she struts to the front of the stage, hair flowing or tucked inside a colorful American flag hijab, and says confidently "It's me. I am woman. I am Muslim. I am American. "She continues to sing her butt off performing her original music in French, Arabic and English with her 8 peice band.

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