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Joey Silvia
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My name is Joey Silva and I teach and play Piano and Drums and Percussion. I performed on piano ensembles, Drums Across California, Jazz ensembles and Orchestras in college. I have a Masters Degree in music with emphasis in Piano Pedagogy from San Diego State University. I have taught music lessons for 14 years. I am patient and motivating towards all of my students. I enjoy seeing the student's achievements and progress in learning and playing their instrument. I focus my lessons on Music Theory and Ear-training in order for students interested in joining programs including Certificate of Merit. The Instruments I teach are Piano and Drums/Percussion. In Piano, I teach Classical, Contemporary, Pop, Patriotic, Some Jazz etc. I focus on elements including: Diatonic Major and Minor scales, Chord progressions, Technique, reading music and repertoire which can help you progress beyond the beginning stages. In Drums/Percussion, I teach the basic fundamentals that include; Rudiments, Groove patterns, and Technique which can be incorporated into many styles of music including; Rock, Latin-Samba, Contemporary, Jazz, Patriotic, Marching, Orchestral, Salsa and Reggae. These concepts are important for a student to succeed in any middle or high school performance group including Drumline, Percussion Ensemble, Rock Band and beyond. I teach Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels along with children and adults.

Jon Berghouse
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Jon Berghouse began teaching drum and percussion lessons in 2013, and has been playing for 25 years and counting. Jon understands that every student is unique and he tailors lessons to each student in order to meet their needs. Jon strives to make drumming fun, and aims to teach his students effective techniques, improve their ability to read music, improve their listening skills (ear training with a focus on rhythm), and introduces different drumming styles from a wide variety of musical genres like rock, pop, funk, swing, jazz, and afro-cuban music. For drum set, Jon teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and works well with children as young as 5, as well as adults. Jon also teaches mallet percussion (xylophone, marimba, bells). Jon is also a percussion coach at Challenger Middle School and plays drum set and percussion in musical theater. He loves animals, his dogs, and enjoys traveling, hiking and camping. Jon is available for online lessons from 30-60min Monday - Friday and looks forward to meeting new students!

Michael Jay Mcgrogan
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Michael Jay Mcgrogan was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and started playing drums at the age of ten. Mike set about private lessons and joined his elementary school music program as soon as he could. He took private lessons at Drum World throughout high school. Upon graduation, Mike was accepted into the Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA) in Pasadena, CA. Mike graduated in 2005 after completing the drum program. At LAMA he was a student of Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, and Sherman Ferguson. Mike teaches all styles of drumming from jazz to heavy metal and puts a strong emphasis on instructing his students how to read drum notation. Recently, he has been an active studio drummer, performed live in the LA music scene and played many shows all over the country. Mike currently resides in San Diego. He continues his musical conquest by teaching private lessons and performing at clubs and casinos throughout Southern California. Mike teaches in office bucket drumming classes and hosts outdoor drum circles. He is teaching private drum lessons at US Music Lessons in San Diego, CA.

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